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Air Gig: Experience music like never before


”I’ve been playing air guitar since 1979. I never learned to play guitar. It didn’t come naturally… but it was easier to play air guitar than play guitar. Air Guitar just came naturally…” Tiger Claw, judge and competitor, San Francisco air guitar festival.

Airgig is a phone app that enables a true “air playing” experience  creating music by imitating the hand movements typical of real instruments and offering a choice of “air instruments” using just your phone with one important UX principle - zero frustration and immediate gratification. In other words:  Play on your own or join your favorite musicians and add your personal touch with a sleight of hand and sound like a genius musician.  Just like singing, the hand strums and the music plays. 

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air gig flow@2x.png

Airgig solo with shared library uploaded chords

Airgig Free style including user chord control

Airgig along the music you love in your music app

air gig logo@2x.png

Airgig flow- basic functions

airgig ux flow.png

Airgig mood board, colors and inspiration

airgig style book@2x.png
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