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Dea: Life Saving Respiratory Systems


Dea R&D Ltd, is a design house with over 30 years of experience in developing respiratory systems for the Israeli military and civilians. To date, nearly every unit used in Israel in this field was developed by Dea. Due to secrecy and security commitments, most of the work done at Dea cannot be presented. The focus of the work was on two elements - user friendliness, comfort and ergonomics, on the one hand, and production cost, on the other hand. The challenge was to create products that can be used easily by parents and children but also by soldiers in combat while maintaining easy wearing and user comfort. The work included face measurements, interviews with users, CAD engineering and design.

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dealogo- doch 2.jpg
mask sketch military2.jpg
gen 3 one filter 2.JPG

Sketches for a military full protection face mask

Sketches for a civilian filtered facemask without a visor.

pe af full system.explode jpg.jpg
stylish assembly. perspasm.jpg
pe af full syste2m.jpg
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