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AutoLeadStar: Car dealer marketing automation platform


AutoLeadStar is a full funnel marketing automation platform that drives quality traffic to dealership sites with hundreds of automated ads, optimized in real-time. As the traffic is brought to the dealership site, using integrated tools, the platform converts shoppers into buyers by offering the right message at the right time.


AutoLeadStar underwent many transformations over the years resulting in inconsistencies in its branding and an ecosystem that did not generate a full platform but rather unrelated products. The mission was to retell the story on a strategic level, presenting a full funnel automated platform where all solutions live together and are essentially inseparable.

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logo and solutions@2x.png

The first major change was the new logo, designed to be simple while "strong" and “techy.” The unique "A" icon which resembles a rocket missile, a star, also corresponds with car brand logos (especially in its silver version), offering a great starting point for the retold company story.

The solutions were "reduced" from independent products with their own logos and icons to simple actions: "SocialAi," a tool to get traffic to the website, was changed to "Acquire." "Falcon," the tool integrated in the customer’s site, is now simply "Connect." The data tool monitoring performance was changed fromDataAi to "Explore." Icons or unique names were intentionally avoided. Today, all are actions on a single platform called "AutoLeadStar."

fonts, colors@2x.png

The new website

The goal in the new website was to present the strongest value AutoLeadStar offers to car dealers quickly and simply. Changes included a SaaS look and feel in terms of style, with new colors and fonts, presenting a contemporary and technology-oriented company. In addition, the challenge of making the website much more dynamic and visual was successfully met, with numerous videos presenting the product's most powerful tools.

Company two pager design (one of many)

als 2 pager- p1.png
als 2 pager - p2.png
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