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The hybrid approach 

Rafi Gabbay with HotMats.jpg

What I do is hybrid design. 

That's because I integrate, combine, and weave together diverse elements from different worlds to come up with innovative and workable solutions to complex challenges.

With a Masters in Design Management (Bezalel Academy of Art and Design) and over 18 years of creative design and product management in a vast array of fields, I see the big picture. Whether creating a perfectly fitting rubber seal on a life-saving mask or an exciting app that uses phone sensors to experience music in a new way; whether marketing and branding a SaaS platform or designing high-end loudspeakers for retail - I have been guided by a holistic, multidisciplinary approach.

I maintain that a holistic view of a product, its user experience, the company's needs and goals, production, processes and costs, as well as marketing and sales are all prerequisite for success. It is this hybrid approach, embracing diverse though interrelated aspects, that defines me, that gives me an edge. 

Interested in cooperating? Let's talk.

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