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CottonX: Smart fiber. In Cotton.


CottonX is a sub-brand created for Argaman Technologies to present the company’s flagship technology that adds unique characteristics to cotton with a patented advanced technology. The story called for reinventing one of the strongest symbols of the textile industry and positioning it in the context of advanced technology and smart fibers. The name and logo "CottonX" were created to provide a tech edge without compromising on the strong value of cotton and its natural advantages. In addition, a unique website was created for this sub-brand which was linked via the redesigned company website. This re-branding led to cooperation with leading textile companies and  international cotton associations. The name and logo have become associated with an exciting and disruptive innovation in this traditional field.

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Argaman Tech rebrand and website redesigned 

Screen Shot 2019-12-26 at 11.52.02.png

CottonX sub-brand website

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